Photopolymer ADA Signage

We are excited about our photopolymer line of signs.

With no limitations in colors and styles we will be providing our new photopolymer line of ADA to those who need or want it for their projects.

Many architects and building owners are specifying that ADA signs “must have the raised letter and braille as an integral part of the sign face”.  That is the long way of saying “photopolymer”

With our current equipment we still have all the options of special shapes.  Our paint booth enables us to match any color.
We can even replicate many of the layers resin type signage at a fraction of the cost.

Bottom line – You get a sign that is more durable and vandal resistant!

Email us for a sample or call the office to schedule an appointment to come by for a tour and see us and how this option will work for you.  Jonathan is available to come to you as well if we need to set up a meeting.

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